Calls are on the 4th Wednesday of every month – (except November and December)

TIME: 8:00 p.m. Eastern,

7:00 p.m. Central; 5:00 p.m. Pacific

Ø CALL: 1-712-432-1212 Access code: 227-271-456#

n Call-in 5 or 10 minutes early, so we can start on time


1) These calls are open to everyone. They are NOT just for the SMW Executive Committee members or Board members. Chapter Presidents: Please share this information with your members. If they are interested in learning more, we welcome them.

2) Encourage the local staff of your Congressmen / women and Senators to participate in these calls. It is a way for them to know what is important to military surviving spouses.

3) Join the call 5 or 10 minutes early, so we can start on time. State your name and from which state you are calling, and which organization and / or chapter you are representing.

4) Please “MUTE” your phone, if you are not speaking. People have heard “ice crunching”, “heavy breathing”, “someone eating and drinking”, and other background noises.

5) Please SPEAK CLEARLY into the phone. There are people who are hearing impaired and wearing hearing aids. They have had to hang-up the phone, because they can’t hear the person who is talking.

6) Do NOT monopolize the conference call. Please be courteous and allow others to speak and ask questions too.

Thank you for your kind cooperation.

You need unlimited long-distance calling on your cell or land line phone, so there will not be a charge to you for the Conference Call. Otherwise, your carrier will charge on your bill at the same per-minute rate as any other long-distance calls you make.

(The conference call numbers are not like the toll-free 800 numbers) You can’t use Skype or Magic Jack, but you can use phone calling cards or TracPhone and pay for minutes, or use land line or cell phone.

While these SMW Legislative Conference Calls were specifically designed to address the legislative issues that concern military surviving spouses; we have had a variety of topics and speakers. Requests were made to have a Veterans Service Officer from the VA to talk about our VA benefits; someone from DoD to talk about how to get military I.D. cards and other Defense Department issues; plus have more "how-to" information on meeting with legislators and their staff in local offices. If you have any suggestions for upcoming speakers, please contact either Rosalie Horton: or Janet Snyder:

Our SMW Legislative Chair, Rosalie Horton, makes visits to Capitol Hill on a regular basis. If you would like her to hand deliver your letter to your Congressman / woman or Senators, please send your hand written letter to Rosalie at: Rosalie Horton, 5719 Amelia Springs Circle, Haymarket, VA 20169; or send your typed letter to Rosalie at: