Surviving Spouse Advisory Committee (SSAC) Virtual Member

Selection Criteria

MISSION: To represent the interests of all military Surviving Spouses

REQUIRED for consideration

* Current membership in MOAA National
* Surviving spouse of a uniformed service officer
* Demonstrate commitment to MOAA’s issues for service members, families, veterans and survivors
* Active in local chapter and/or state council and membership with willingness to take a leadership role in a in MOAA Virtual Surviving Spouse Chapter


  1. Leadership ability, with talent to work independently and as a team
    a. Lead and manage a project from beginning to end
    b. Generate ideas
    c. Assume responsibility
    d. Adhere to deadlines
    e. Demonstrate excellent people and networking skills
    f. Work with other members of SSAC to maintain connectivity with surviving spouses
    g. Contact (by phone or email) legislative offices on Capitol Hill to educate members of Congress on issues affecting the military community, particularly surviving spouses
  2. Excellent communication skills
    a. Establish/maintain contact via social media and email, with council and chapter presidents and liaisons within the assigned SSAC Region (Virtual Members)
    b. Maintain awareness of legislative issues that impact surviving spouses
    Ability to share knowledge
    c. Maintain contact with surviving spouse liaisons and virtual members
    d. Write articles of interest for Surviving Spouses for the “Affiliate”
    e. Computer skills:
    Basic e-mail usage
    Microsoft Word and Excel
    Knowledge and use of social media - Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  1. Commit generous amounts of time to SSAC
    a. Assume a 2-year term on the committee with option to extend for up to an additional two years
    b. There is no travel requirement; however, virtual SSAC member is required to participate in conference calls primarily during two yearly committee meetings in the Spring and in the Fall; others as needed
    c. Be willing to mentor other surviving spouses
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