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Eligibility Requirements:

Unremarried widows of deceased military personnel of all ranks -- when death occurred during active duty, retirement from the military, or from a service-connected cause -- are eligible for membership. The widow must possess a valid Military Dependent ID Card....there are so many new designations that the basic requirement is listed above.

Persons not otherwise eligible for active voting membership, but who are interested in helping further the cause of SMW, are eligible for Affiliated Participating Membership. They must possess a valid Military ID Card and pay both National and Chapter dues but may not vote or hold an elective office.

At-Large Members are those who do not reside in an area where a chapter is located. They may be regular or affiliated members. All At-Large members pay SMW National dues. They may vote on National matters, but not Chapter matters. They may also choose to join a Chapter as an At-Large Member.

For information on benefits and services available to members For questions on a specific problem, contact us. 


SMW Chapters nationwide offer services, counseling, and activities for the military widow. Annual Chapter dues are set by each Chapter. Individual chapters are the key to SMW. They provide a friendly, caring atmosphere within which you can help provide volunteer services to the community and support legislative issues that affect the military/veteran community.  If you have any questions, please contact Margaret Melchi, President, at or call 719-331-6689.



Click here, print or download to your computer, complete the form, and mail in (with your dues payment) to the prescribed address on the form.