In Memory

CHAPTER CHAPLAINS: Send your names and pictures of deceased members to the president for inclusion in this memory page.

Donations for Memorials will also be listed. 

 Remember Our Special Friends
Lost to Us, But Not Forgotten

CHAPTER #5 - Sacramento, CA 
Eleanor Early, Carol Dzigdic 
CHAPTER #6 - Lawton, OK
Marianna Cole, Eunice Porter, Roberta (Bobbie) Johnson, Mary Duncan, Mathildia ( Hidi) McAllister, Etta Davis, Carolyn Stone

CHAPTER #13 - Riverside, CA
Cathy McGraw, Velma Pruitt, Genny Candy, Grace Ott 

CHAPTER # 14 - Tucson, AZ
Bettie Chouinard, Christiane Fox, Walli Brown, Doris Justice, Phyllis Roach

CHAPTER # 15 - Colorado Springs, CO
Lily McCardle

CHAPTER # 22 - Aurora, CO
Lois Brady, Marianne LaFlex, Faye Salvator, Shirley Kereizi
CHAPTER # 25 - Aloha Honolulu, HI
Beyyt Lenhart, Elaine Newton, Lynn Shanahan 
CHAPTER # 28 - Wichita, KS
No Report
CHAPTER # 34 - Las Vegas, NV
No Report 
CHAPTER # 35 - Tampa, FL
Jeanette Banks, Lorraine Gontarski, Shirley Rowe
CHAPTER # 37 - Washington State
Audrey Erickson, Evelyn Kelly, Linda Weldon, Elizabeth Wiley
CHAPTER # 38 - Laurel/Ft Meade, MD
No Report
CHAPTER # 40 - Ventura, CA
No Report