In Memory

CHAPTER CHAPLAINS: Send your names and pictures of deceased members to the president for inclusion in this memory page.

Donations for Memorials will also be listed. 


SMW Members-At-Large who have passed away since the last convention in 2016:


Marjorie C. Armstrong

Frances Henry

Joy M. Freeman

Agnes Belle Carr

Betty J. West

Nadine Mynes

Rose Schuttier

Mary Ann M. Thomas

Merna E. Zajic, Esq.

Ellen M. Babcock

Evelyn E. Vaughn

Sunlida Echerd

Dot E. Lipscomb

Geneva H. Kendrick

Frances B. Gault  
SMW members who have passed away since the last convention in 2016 - from Chapters 5, 6, 13, 14, 15, 22, 25, 30 & 35:
Betty Videar


Anneliese Hudson


Rosamond Fessenden

Adele Perry

Helen Moore


Terry Schafer

Libby O'Leary

Frances Franklin


Rita Niewald


Barbara Mills

Violet Hucker (Honorary Member)

Mary Nooney (Veteran)

Marie Piper

Nancy Malay

Margaret (Peg) Ruderman (Veteran)

Ruth Butler Hill

Mary Gerlitz


Marion Parmley

Jacqueline Fochtman


Gerda Webb

Irene Martin (Veteran)

Barbara Harris

Debbie Harris

Eleanor (Timmie) Newton (Veteran)

Barbara Gomez

Carol Lee

Connie Parker

Theresa Counts
Evelyn Ballard

          CHAPTER #35 

Gloria Ryder

Carmen Noto

Marie Forney