The following highlights of the Teleconference are for the members who could not attend, so you will know what was discussed and voted on. Please share with interested SMW members.

Shirley Keegan, National Secretary, is preparing the official Minutes of the Teleconference, and will send them out soon to everyone by e-mail.

It was a great Teleconference with lots of participation. So encouraging !!

All members of the Board of Directors were invited (according to our ByLaws): "The National Board of Directors shall consist of the elected and the appointed officers, the immediate Past President, Regional Vice-Presidents, Chapter Presidents and Chairmen of the Standing and Special Committees, SMW National past Presidents, other than the immediate Past President, shall be Honorary Board Members with voice participation, but no vote."

The Regional Vice Presidents gave their reports, most sent them earlier by e-mail.

Rosalie Horton, Legislative Chair, sent her report, but mentioned that on Friday she spent the day on Capitol Hill, visiting with Senator Nelson's staff and Congressman Wilson's staff, both of whom will be introducing the new SBP-DIC offset elimination bills in the new 115th Congress very soon.

Pat Shecter, Webmaster, reported that she and Helmi Mays (from Germany) are updating the SMW website.

Cathy McGraw, ByLaws Chair, asked that we send our suggestions to her. She is reviewing and updating the handbook, and plans a Teleconference to discuss ByLaws changes along with handbook changes. Changes must be sent by the end of June, as they must be sent to all members 90 days prior to the SMW Convention.

Carol Widmer, Membership Chair, said that she and Janet had received copies of the membership lists. Carol has asked Chapter Presidents to send both her and Janet their chapter membership lists.

Patricia Walker gave a 2016 Convention Report with results from the completed surveys by attendees. Most were pleased with the San Antonio venue, meals and tours.

Janet will make necessary corrections to the Registration Form for the 2017 (and resent it to all National Board of Directors today).

Members voted to have the 2018 convention in Fort Worth, TX (Jo Henry); and Janet was asked to thank Maria Sutherland in Alaska for her proposal and time doing it (which was done yesterday afternoon).

Members voted to have the 2019 convention in Colorado Springs, CO (Margaret Melchi).

Patricia Walker gave her Transition Report from NAUS to SMW and reviewed the top contenders to do our SMW business: TREA, AMRA, and AMS. Patricia recommended AMS as the most qualified and able to do everything we needed. Cost will be approximately $1,800. per month, depending on the work that is performed. After questions and discussions, members voted unanimously to go with AMS. Patricia will contact John May at AMS on Monday to get a business contract set up.

One of the big questions was, "Can we afford AMS ?" The answer was 'yes', but recommendation was to raise dues to $25. per year. It was unanimously approved, after much discussion.

Important to note: SMW will honor all Life Memberships and the Memberships that were paid to NAUS for SMW. Do not worry about paying any new dues, until you receive notice that your dues must be paid. If you have questions, contact either Carol Widmer (316-721-1905 carol.widmer@yahoo.com) or Janet Snyder (702-227-6566 groundhog71@gmail.com). Both of them have the master list from NAUS that has expiration dates of all members' dues.

Under Unfinished Business, both Chapter #2 and Chapter #9 have disbanded. There doesn't appear to be any chance of revival. Cathy McGraw will pick up the box of Chapter #9's material at the Las Vegas Convention.

Under New Business, Janet reminded everyone that if they have news to put into either the print or electronic newsletters that would be sent periodically by AMS, they should send the information by e-mail to Janet at groundhog71@gmail.com, and she will send the information to AMS.

Janet plans to have a Training Conference Call in the near future, to study SMW ByLaws and other governing documents.

This was an outstanding Teleconference with lots of enthusiasm and participation. It started at 11:02 a.m. Pacific Time and ended at 1:10 p.m.

Su Phelps, National Chaplain, gave inspiring Invocation and Benediction prayers.

There were many thanks all around to all attending members of the SMW Board of Directors.

With gratitude,