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October 2018

Check out the Conventions Page for information about the 2018 Annual Convention in Fort Worth, Texas, coming in September. Register soon for a place to come for greeting those we haven't see for a year or more and enjoy Historic Texas. Bring your western togs.

Check out our SMW Book that we just completed

In North Carolina author's final book, military wives and widows share their stories. 
This anthology is sponsored by the Society of Military Widows as a celebration of its 50th anniversary. Editor, Rita Berman says "Military Wives and Widows Tell Their Stories," is her sixth and final book. "I really can't think of anything else I want to write about." Previous works have included a biography, a mystery-romance, her dating adventures, and the story of her childhood in England during the London Blitz. In "Military Wives and Widows Tell Their Stories," Berman compiles 26 accounts that tell about service life from perspectives of the wives and widows. "They recall falling in love with a man in uniform," she says. "Some widows are in their 80s, one is 95 and some are as young as about 40." She has included her own story in the book. "Including WWII to the present day, the United States has been involved in 19 wars or conflicts that resulted in the deaths of service members. Except for NOAA all branches of the uniformed services are represented. Some of the women were also in the military." All royalties from sale of the Kindle or paper-back versions will go to the Society of Military Widows. Berman, who has been a freelance writer for more than 50 years lives in Mebane, N.C. Available on Amazon. And will be available at the SMW Convention in Fort Worth, TX this coming September.  

MOAA Needs Your Help

Surviving Spouse Advisory Committee

In an effort to expand the Committee’s reach, two virtual members are being added in the Fall of 2017 in order to obtain input and participation from spouses who are young parents or still working and who are unable to travel or participate in person.

Click here to learn more and nominate an applicant to be a virtual member.

2017 Surviving Spouse Liaison Excellence Award
Click here to see the criteria, guidelines, and application.

Veterans Resources Network

The VA has placed online the new 2017 Federal benefits for veterans and their dependents.

You can download at: