2017 Surviving Spouse Liaison Excellence Award Criteria/Guidelines

Purpose: Awarded to a Surviving Spouse Liaison who is a member of MOAA and who has made outstanding contributions in one or more of the following Surviving Spouse Advisory Committee (SSAC) mission goals: Educate, Encourage & Engage.



*Conveys timely and pertinent information from SSAC and other sources to surviving spouses, council and chapter leaders and all council and chapter members.

*Communicates to SSAC timely and pertinent news and items of interest on chapter and council actions.

*Stays informed about current issues of interest to the Surviving Spouse community and the legislative actions of MOAA on these issues.

*Contributes to the chapter/council newsletter and website with written articles on a variety of topics. Submits the monthly Surviving Spouse Liaison article for reprint in the council/chapter newsletter.


*Actively recruits surviving spouse members.

*Works to retain surviving spouses within the chapter by discovering new and innovative activities to hold their interest.


*Demonstrates leadership and willingly assumes responsibility within the council/chapter.

*Initiates, leads, and manages a project from beginning to end.

*Organizes surviving spouse/chapter community service projects.
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